December 7, 2021

Maui Greens Launches Retail Brand, Colors Living Produce

Maui Greens Launches Retail Brand, Colors Living Produce:  

Unique “Harvest at Home” Living Greens

Company announces an additional $17M Funding to take agricultural technology to the next level with shelf-stable produce 

September 9, 2021 (Kula, HI) –– Maui Greens, an agriculture technology company based on the island of Maui, today announced the launch of the new retail brand, Colors Living Produce, a unique line of organic leafy greens individually planted, grown, shipped, and sold still growing in soil. The brand also announced the close of a $17 million round of financing to scale production and support expansion of the company’s proprietary vertical farming system on Maui and in the continental U.S., bringing the total raised to over $25 million.

Driven by a passion for healthy organic food and the health of the planet, Founder and Chief Technology Officer Kevin Robell and his family built their original farm on Maui in 2011. Realizing early on that there was a need for transformational change to traditional farming practices and the existing produce supply chain, they launched a decade-long endeavor to develop a new way of farming that would minimize environmental impact and remediate food waste during transportation from the farm to the grocer and once purchased.

“Our plants are nurtured in soil, provided the perfect mix of light, nutrients and water, and shipped growing and thriving until harvested at home,” said Maui Greens Founder, Kevin Robell. “In Hawai‘i, we are especially aware of precious resources such as arable land and water, and we have made it our mission to grow produce that is naturally organic, longer lasting and lessens the strain on our planet.” 

The company’s proprietary vertical indoor growing system and unique soil-based method, the first of its kind in Hawai’i, creates several meaningful advances for the industry, including:

  • A highly productive system that produces 40 times the crop yield per square foot compared to field grown while using 99% less water.
  • Use of automated inspection and artificial intelligence (AI) that allows for precise nutrition and  efficient resource use in growing the healthiest plants and eliminating contaminants and pathogens inherent in cut and processed crops grown outdoors.
  • A unique product that is delivered  still living in the soil-filled vessel in which it was grown, enabling consumers to harvest at home as they consume it and enjoy  the freshest, tastiest, and most nutritious produce available.
  • The “living” nature of the plant reduces waste in transit and at home, and allows the plant to thrive, with or without refrigeration, for up to three times longer than cut products.
  • No pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or chemicals, animal products or contaminants are involved in the growing process of Colors Living Produce. 

“Maui Greens has developed an entirely new approach to vertical farming--one that addresses the health of the plant, consumer, and the planet,” said Maui Greens CEO Ajay Shah.  “This infusion of additional capital fuels the expansion of Maui Greens indoor farming operations and helps us scale production of Colors Living Produce first in Hawai’i and then on the mainland.” 

Colors Living Produce will be available on shelves in grocery stores across the island of Maui in September, followed by expansion to outer islands in the fall. 

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Founded in 2011, Maui Greens is dedicated to bringing organic, locally grown produce to market more efficiently, more sustainably, and at scale.  Maui Greens’ brand, Colors Living Produce, brings this vision to life in a unique living product.  Naturally organic, Colors’ produce is grown and shipped in soil, retaining peak freshness, flavor and nutrition until harvested at home.


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