Our leadership team

Ajay Shah


Ajay is the CEO and a member of the board. He joined the company in March 2021 to lead the scaling, marketing, and financing aspects of the company. His personal passion is to build an enterprise for the future of the earth that is sustainable, resource efficient and is aligned with the unpredictability caused by the changing climate.

Ajay has been with Silver Lake, a global private equity investment firm since 2007, where he is the co-founder and Managing Partner of the firm’s middle market growth fund, Silver Lake Sumeru. He also serves as Chairman of the Board of SMART Global Holdings (Nasdaq: SGH) and previously served as CEO of SGH and was a co-founder of the company. He also serves and has previously served on the boards of many private and public companies in software, electronics, energy, and other technology areas. He is also a member of the board of the National Audubon Society as well as other not-for-profit organizations. Ajay has a B.S. in Engineering from the University of Baroda, India and an M.S. degree inEngineering Management from Stanford University

Kevin Robell

Founder & Chief Technology Officer

In 2011 Kevin founded the culinary herb farm that would ultimately become Maui Greens, parent company of Colors Living Produce.  Having experimented with hydroponic farming since his youth, Kevin realized early on that the challenges facing agriculture, on Maui and around the world, required audacious thinking and innovation. This spurred an intense research and development program at Maui Greens to improve the way produce is grown, distributed and enjoyed.

 Kevin’s vision is a world in which healthy, affordable, sustainably grown produce is available to everyone, everywhere.  

Prior to building Maui Greens, Kevin worked in the music industry as a professional musician and ultimately as an innovator of digital playback technology. Kevin was the founder of music technology pioneer, PlayNetwork, Inc. He also worked in single family real estate development in Southern California before returning to Hawai'i to launch Maui Greens.

Kyle Robell

VP Science and Innovation

Kyle Robell has been part of Maui Greens since 2011 working alongside Kevin to explore, test and prove plant science, systems and technology that now form Maui Greens’ innovative vertical farming method and intellectual property. While his role is technical in nature, he is intimately involved in the business from concept to the end user experience.

As he is apt to say, once upon a time, he decided to pursue Hawaii, a crash course in business, and plant science instead of continuing with UCLA’s law school program.

Chelsea McKinney

Head of Legal Operations

Chelsea McKinney, Head of Legal Operations and previously VP of Business Development, has been with the company since August 2019. Prior to joining Maui Greens, Chelsea worked for a FinTech startup.

Chelsea holds Bachelors’ Degrees in English and Political Science from the University of Southern California where she was a Trustee Scholar. Chelsea earned her JD from Southwestern Law School.

Neil Yorio

Director of Horticulture/Research

Prior to joining Maui Greens as the Director of Horticultural Product Development, Neil was the co-founder and Vice President of Lighting Research for BIOS Lighting, a pioneer in state-of-the-art LED horticultural lighting systems for the commercial market.

Neil started his career at NASA’s Kennedy SpaceCenter as part of their bio-regenerative life support systems research program, a 20-year project that addressed aspects of photobiology, plant physiology, and controlled environment horticulture and their application to human life support for long-duration space missions. The lighting technology and crop production systems studied were major cost drivers for NASA’s biological support system, and they serve as the foundations of lighting technology that now supports the emerging vertical farming industry

Neil currently holds ten patents. He is the author or co-author of 55 peer-reviewed scientific publications, six technical memoranda, and one book chapter.

Mark Stumpo

Director of Automation

Mark joined the Maui Greens Team in December of 2020 as Director of Automation with the passion and drive to innovate and create custom, flexible automation solutions to emerging industries.

He has spent his career in the custom automation OEM space working across numerous industries including automotive, medical, life sciences, consumer goods, e-commerce, electronics, and aerospace. Each industry presents a different challenge to automation, and it is this diverse background that inspires Mark’s work in helping companies create and implement innovative solutions.

Mark has had the privilege in his career to implement cutting edge technologies for some of the most influential and disruptive companies around the world. He is excited to focus his effort on the Vertical Farming industry to make a positive impact on the world and future generations. Mark has a BS in computer engineering with a specialization in robotics.

Matthew Montgomery

Director of Engineering

Matthew Montgomery is the Director of Engineering at Maui Greens. Having over a decade of design engineering and product development experience in consumer electronics, emerging technology startups, and defense, he is skilled in all areas of the Product Life Cycle, with specific expertise in architecture design, development, and verifications.  

Matthew has worked as both a consultant and multi-disciplinary engineering team leader, bringing products and systems to market through domestic and offshore manufacturing locations including Mexico, China, and North America. His experience includes Riverwood Solutions, a product realization services company focused on VC backed startups, Future Electronics, Lockheed Martin, and Lighting Science Group, where he was instrumental in the initial commercialization of LED lighting technology in both the general and horticultural spaces.                  

Matthew holds both B.S and M.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Central Florida.