The  freshest, longest lasting greens you’ll ever find.

Organic Living Spring Mix
Organic Living Power Mix
Organic Living Spicy Mix
Organic Living Spinach
Organic Living Butter Lettuce

The Colors LIVING difference

Longer Lasting

Our uncut greens last up to 3 times longer than cut lettuce mixes.


We don’t cut our lettuce or process it.  It is as fresh as if grown in your backyard garden.


Studies show that that nutritional elements start to decline soon after being cut.

Harvesting at home means you get more micronutrients in every bite.

Less Waste

Less  waste – longer  lasting means less waste for your household and the landfill.

How to Harvest at Home

Colors’ produce is truly living, ready for you to harvest at home as needed.

They will stay fresh for up to three weeks.

Step 1

Open clam shell and remove growing greens.


Step 2

Use scissors to harvest as needed


Step 3

Replace clamshell in fridge


Step 4



Step 5

When you’ve harvested all your greens – place clamshell in recycling. Soil in growing vessel can be composted or placed in the garbage.