A decade in the making

Our History
Colors Living Produce began a decade ago as Maui Greens, a grower of culinary herbs on the island of Maui. 

On Maui, as in so many communities around the world, arable land is scarce and water is an increasingly precious resource. 

These challenges drove our initial quest to develop future farming methods that would allow us to deliver the healthiest, most tasty and nutritious, longest lasting produce.
Create Less Waste
Food waste is the largest contributor to landfill methane emissions.
In the early years, we learned the hard way that a lot of produce spoils before it even makes it to the grocery produce section.

We set out to grow and deliver produce that could withstand transportation, with or without refrigeration. Produce that would continue growing and flourishing in the grocery store and in your home until harvested by you!

Use Fewer Resources
Population growth and urbanization will shrink arable land 50% by 2050.
Traditional farming has a huge impact on scarce resources like water and land. We were determined to develop a system of farming that would take up less space and use significantly less water than field farming and other indoor systems.

Our solution is anchored by a patented, very dense and highly productive indoor system. One that can be quickly deployed in a compact footprint, especially in areas like cities where access to fresh produce is limited.

Go Back to the Root of Things
Soil is a buffet for plants, rich in nutrients, nurturing roots the way mother nature intended.
Our decade-long exploration led us to a unique solution rooted in nature as much as it is in future farming techniques, automation or plant science.

The healthiest plants grow in soil. Regardless of where we grow our plants, they are nurtured in soil, provided the perfect mix of light, nutrients and water, and shipped still rooted in soil, growing and thriving until harvested at home.

Next Steps:
Maui and Beyond
Add some COLOR to your life!
Our name is inspired by our desire to add  some irresistibly delicious, healthy COLOR to your plate, each and every day.

As we build our first indoor vertical farms in Maui and on the Mainland US, we’ve become Colors Living Produce signaling our commitment to growing the healthiest, freshest produce available for everyone, everywhere.
Our Commitment
Maximizing sustainability is at the heart of our innovation, farming practices and produce.  Our patented indoor system will use 99% less water than field grown lettuce, and up to 50% less than other indoor farming systems.

Our farms are local to the regions they serve, reducing the miles from farm to fork, and dramatically reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the form of transportation miles.

Our produce is living and will continue to thrive at home for up to 3 times longer than cut greens, reducing food waste, which is a key to eliminating the largest land fill contributor to methane gas emissions.

How we grow.

Yes, our vision of future farming is steeped in plant science and enabled by advanced automation, but it is rooted in agricultural principles as old as time.  Plants grow healthier and stronger in soil.

That’s why we grow and ship our living produce to market without cutting or processing, still rooted in soil.  This protects the plant, and you, from contaminants and infection.  It also makes Colors’ the tastiest, longest lasting lettuce available anywhere.

It’s an entirely new standard of fresh.

Join us in growing a
Colorful future.

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The  freshest, longest lasting greens you’ll ever find.

Our Produce