We are farming for
the future.

Delivering the freshest, healthiest food to a hungry planet.

Our Produce

Truly living lettuce you
harvest at home.

Cultivating a new definition of fresh, one plant at a time.

Our lettuce is delivered still rooted in soil, thriving, and retaining the freshest flavor and essential nutrients, ready for you to harvest at home, just as if you'd grown it in your own backyard garden.

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Healthier for the planet. Healthier for you.

We strive to grow the healthiest, most delicious living produce without making an outsized impact on the planet. Population growth, scarcity of arable land and fresh water, and ever-increasing greenhouse gas emissions demand audacious, forward-thinking solutions.

Our Vision of a sustainable future︁

Long lasting freshness you can taste.

Our greens last up to 3 times longer than other lettuces meaning you get more value and waste less. Colors' lettuces will continue to thrive for up to 3 weeks giving you plenty of time to enjoy.

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